Paper Types Guide

Here’s a handy guide to the different kinds of wallpaper, what they’re used for and our recommendations on the best adhesive to use with each type.

Lining paper isn't a decorative wallpaper as it does not have a printed or decorative finish. It’s applied to bare walls or ceilings in preparation for painting or papering with decorative wallpaper. The main purpose of lining paper is to cover minor imperfections on a surface before painting it or to hide a strong colour previously applied to walls or ceilings before a lighter colour wallpaper or paint is applied.

Standard decorative paper is particularly good for areas of moderate wear around the household, such as the dining room, living room or master bedroom.

Washable wallpaper has a thin, transparent coating that covers the pattern, making it more resistant to stains and marks and allowing it to be wiped down regularly with a damp cloth.

Embossed and Heavy Embossed wallpaper have a raised, textured pattern that should be painted and can be over-painted.

Vinyl is a good all-purpose, hardwearing wallpaper that is suitable for use in most areas, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl is also easier to handle and cut than standard wallpaper, e.g. washable. 

Textured vinyl wallpaper is very hardwearing, with an interesting look and feel, and it does a good job of covering imperfections.

Blown vinyl wallpaper is similar to embossed wallpaper. It is also suitable for hiding uneven surfaces.

Paste the Wall wallcoverings allow you to simply apply the adhesive directly onto the wall, and the wallcovering will not expand when wet. This makes the job faster, simpler and cleaner. 

Flock wallpaper is a traditional wallcovering that has become increasingly popular in the home to create the coveted feature wall.

Heavyweight & Luxury wallpaper is a heavier, quality paper with a premium finish and its designs are often in line with the latest fashions.

Metallic wallpaper adds an interesting touch to home decoration, often making rooms seem bigger and brighter. Due to its nature, special care needs to be taken when hanging metallic paper, to avoid damage to the metallic print, and this type of paper also requires a special adhesive.

Hand-printed wallpaper is a specialist paper with untrimmed edges and is not widely available off-the-shelf. It's often purchased by special order, in period and bespoke designs for hanging by professional decorators in period properties.

Bathroom, Kitchen or Tile on a Roll are cost-effective decorative solutions for providing a tile effect in kitchens and bathrooms. They're quicker to install than the real thing and offer protection for rooms with high-moisture content.

Woodchip is a relatively inexpensive wallpaper consisting of small chips of wood on the finished side of a basic paper base. They are ideal for hiding small defects in walls and ceilings and are usually finished by applying paint after the paper has fully dried.

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