Getting Started

We recommend you use a paste table, pasting brush, plumb line, tape measure, spirit level, scissors, hanging brush, craft knife, safety goggles and gloves. And don’t forget your chosen wallcovering and Solvite adhesive! 

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Stripping & Repairing Wallpaper

We recommend that previous wallcoverings are always removed prior to wallpapering, to enable the new wallcovering to be applied to a sound surface.

Now that we have removal solutions, steam strippers are rarely necessary and are likely to damage old plaster/walls. Following the manufacturer's instructions and having a good removal solution should do the job. For easy wallpaper removal we recommend Solvite Ready to Use Wallpaper Stripper.

The adhesive on the back of wallpaper is formulated to release it when wet. However, many people do not wet the back of the wallpaper enough before trying to remove it. Using Solvite Ready to Use Wallpaper Stripper loosens the adhesive, making wallpaper removal much easier and quicker.

Solvite Ready to Roll Specialist Wallcoverings Adhesive and Solvite Repair Adhesive are both specially formulated for use in areas where higher than normal humidity and temperatures are a factor.

Hanging Wallpaper

All Solvite products can be used with a roller or a brush.

Bubbles can appear in the wallpaper if the manufacturer’s soaking time has not been followed, causing your paper to expand on the wall. Also, bubbles might appear where there is excess adhesive, but this will dry flat overnight.

We recommend using Solvite Ready to Roll Specialist Wallcoverings Adhesive, which is suitable for this type of product and for use in warm, humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Need help finding the right product? Use our product selector.


Yes, although 'paste the wall' wallcoverings have been around a long time in Europe, they have just started to appear in the UK. They are much easier to use, and Solvite has a special non-drip adhesive for the job: Paste the Wall for Paste the Wall Wallcoverings.

Hand printed paper is very delicate and needs special care as well as a delicate adhesive. Solvite Ready to Roll Delicate Wallcoverings Adhesive is suitable for hanging this type of paper.

Solvite Product

Flake and liquid concentrate adhesive are both all purpose wallpaper adhesives, making them suitable for a range of wallpapers depending on the quantity of water they are mixed with. Solvite adhesive flakes are premium quality starch-based flakes whilst Solvite concentrated liquid is based on cellulose technology for smoother mixing.

Ready mixed adhesives are higher performance adhesives for more demanding wallpapering tasks and allow hanging of almost any wallcovering. Ready mixed adhesives are starch based and polymer based for superior performance.

Paste the Wall wallpapers have a non-woven, non-paper backing and so require a stronger adhesive to hang them.

This will depend on the type of wallpaper and adhesive you're using. The back of the pack can give you an indication of how many rolls our adhesives will stick.

No, you need to use Solvite Ready to Roll Specialist Wallcoverings Adhesive, which is a more flexible adhesive. If you have any other queries, please see our 'How to' Videos or, alternatively, contact our experts here.