Solvite is now the clear market leader in wallpaper adhesives, but like many famous brands, the company grew from relatively small beginnings. Solvite first went on sale in 1964 in Fylde, on the Lancashire coast in England, where it was marketed to professional painters and decorators. Solvite’s formulation made it a favourite with professionals and during the sixties it became a national brand. Having become the specialist decorator’s wallpaper adhesive of choice, it also became well known to consumers as Do-It-Yourself became increasingly popular. Within a decade, Solvite had become a national brand and in 1973 the company was acquired by Henkel. Solvite’s effective and popular product formulation was a great match for Henkel’s R&D adhesive and manufacturing resources. The story of growth continued throughout the 1970s and 80s, when Solvite became one of the most recognised brands in Britain. A series of TV commercials showing a stuntman pasted to a board and then suspended from a flying helicopter, or hung over a snake pit, or sharks became some of the best remembered commercials on British television. So much so that the symbol of the man pasted to the board is still used on Solvite packaging today.  The name Solvite and its iconic advertising now stand for effective, powerful adhesives. For many professionals and DIYers, Solvite is the only wallpaper adhesive they can trust.