Henkel is one of Europe’s largest chemical companies. Originally established by Fritz Henkel in Aachen, Germany in 1876, the company developed and manufactured detergents and washing powders. In 1878 Henkel moved to its current headquarters in Dusseldorf, and as the 19th century drew to a close, the company broadened both its manufacturing base and its product offering. In 1886 it started to expand internationally by opening offices in Austria. Throughout the 20th century Henkel grew steadily, and at times rapidly, through a constant programme of innovation and acquisition. By the latter part of the century Henkel was the parent company for some of Europe’s most famous brands with a diversified business and were market leaders in laundry & home care, cosmetics & toiletries and adhesive technologies. Leading Henkel brands include Pritt, Schwarzkopf, Sellotape, Loctite, UniBond and of course Solvite.